Ready To See Real Change In Yourself? Turn Your Past Into Progress.

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What Are You Saying When You’re Not Saying Anything? Your Body Language Speaks Louder Than
You Think.

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Pass Down Opportunities. Not Problems. Find Out How Behavior And Decision-Making Transcend Generations.

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Students & Professionals

Ground Yourself In Theory. Ground Yourself In Life. Training For Professional Development And
Personal Application.

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A Common Holiday Dilemma and Defining a Self

My client, Marcie*, consulted with me about a common holiday dilemma; her parents and her husband’s parents were competing for time and attention. Marcie:  I just can’t deal with

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It’s Smart to Be a Skeptic. Beware of Therapists Who Overpromise.

If you are contemplating starting therapy, beware of therapists who overpromise. It’s smart to be a skeptic. Skeptic: a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting

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Chronic Anxiety Begins When Others Start To Feel It

Chronic Anxiety Begins When Others Start To Feel It  “Anxiety can be defined as the response of an organism to a threat, real or imagined. It is a process

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