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Am I normal?

Am I normal? Are we normal? Is this normal? This can’t be normal, can it? Normal people don’t do this, do they? These are common questions in my therapy sessions.  Folks I work with are often convinced that their struggles are somehow abnormal, strange, or even bad.  This fear is understandable because people generally don’t

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Stepfamily Challenges

“…triangles are the smallest stable building block of any emotional system….a two-person system is stable as long as anxiety is low, but when it rises it automatically draws in the most vulnerable third person and becomes a triangle.  Although the triangular process in families is always shifting, it also involves patterns that repeat over time,

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The Challenge of Change

Whether we are considering a toothache, a tumor, a relational bind, a technical problem, crime, or the economy, most individuals and most social systems, irrespective of their culture, gender, or ethnic background, will “naturally” choose or revert to chronic conditions of bearable pain rather than face the temporarily more intense anguish of acute conditions that

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