School Bullying: A Call for More Empathy or More Self-Worth?

School bullying is back in the news with the occurrence of recent tragic events.  There seems to be a public perception that bullying is becoming more common.  I am skeptical of this, but cannot argue that cyber-bullying has made this behavior more public and visible.  It’s difficult to hide from the reality of cruelty between

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Yet More Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

There are many physiological reasons why diets don’t work.  This entry explains some emotional reasons why diets are doomed to fail. Diets reinforce an “external locus of control” vs. an “internal locus of control”.  One’s “locus” (Latin for “place” or “location”) can either be internal (meaning the person believes that they control their life) or

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I Statements, not We Statements

During couple’s counseling sessions, if I ask one member of a couple if he’s had a good week since the last therapy session, he is likely to say (this could be the she as well of course) “Yes we did” or “No, we were upset most of the time”.  You notice I asked how the

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Am I normal?

Am I normal? Are we normal? Is this normal? This can’t be normal, can it? Normal people don’t do this, do they? These are common questions in my therapy sessions.  Folks I work with are often convinced that their struggles are somehow abnormal, strange, or even bad.  This fear is understandable because people generally don’t

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