Introducing Neuroptimal Neurofeedback

I’m excited to announce the addition of Neuroptimal® neurofeedback in my private practice!

Neurofeedback began in the late 50’s and 60’s as a reward system that could alter brain activity*.  Neuroptimal® brand neurofeedback (NO) is a modern and improved version of traditional neurofeedback, relying exclusively on a view of the brain “as an intelligent, self-organizing dynamical system which can actively utilize information to its own benefit.”** The NO operator does not make any decisions about what areas of the brain should be targeted with neurofeedback; NO simply gives information to the brain about its own activity, providing the opportunity to move toward more efficient and flexible functioning.

Consistent with principles of Bowen theory, I have incorporated NO into regular coaching sessions with interested clients. During the exchange of thinking that occurs in therapy, NO offers “feedback” to the client’s active brain. This assists in the effort to modify response patterns that have evolved over many generations within the family. Symptoms may decrease, new ideas and strategies emerge, and reactivity modifies. Thinking and feeling reactions move more quickly into a here-and-now orientation, instead of remaining stuck in the past. As with any other treatment modality, there are no guarantees with NO. However, several clients have reported improvement in areas that have stubbornly resisted other efforts to change.

NO Users Say:

“What I noticed very quickly after receiving treatment was negative thoughts losing their emotionally charged staying power. It’s as if the negative thoughts bounce off like Teflon and I can simply observe them. Now that’s a peaceful mind!

After my first treatment I slept through the night! I had not done that in decades.”  J. 

“My experience with neurofeedback has been good so far.  Having multiple sessions, I have noticed a separation between mental/physical reactions with everyday situations that may cause stress. I have been able to recognize my thoughts about a situation before engaging or reacting. It is almost as if you are an observer rather than in the thick of the situation.

Before I would feel the emotion physically within my body taking control, and now there’s a separation where it isn’t so tightly connected with my emotions.” L

“When I started NeurOptimal training seven months ago, I noticed that my night time sleep improved, particularly with more consolidated sleep, which has been a problem for almost two years. Gradually I noticed that my scattered thoughts were less scattered and now I think they are much more organized so I don’t feel easily overwhelmed.  

The most notable change has been a lowering of my anxiety with regard to my daughter and her migraines. This is a significant shift in my behavior and the ripple effect is my daughter’s noticeable increase in responsibility for self-care. 

I’m calmer, she’s calmer, husband is calmer; maybe even the dog is calmer! Neuroptimal gave me the boost I needed to get past a place where I felt stuck.”  M, mother of H

“Neuroptimal has helped me because I haven’t had any migraines since December (three months).  I think I am more creative in my art and also with my creative writing ideas.” H, 12 yr-old daughter of M

“I’ve had three treatments so far and plan to continue them indefinitely. Now I can speak up for myself, especially when under pressure. Normally I would have shut down.”  K

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